Friday, January 30, 2009


As I write more than 250,000 civilians are trapped in jungle near Mullaitivu,. They have little food, water and medicine. They are being injured and killed. They need help. Please speak to your representatives, write letters to your editors, insist that their plight be reviewed by the UN Security Council. Harming innocents is not a matter of internal security or civil war to be left to the warring parties in the Sri Lankan conflict. We must not be quiet. Let us make a lot of noise. Let us make the bombers accountable to us. Let us try to save a few lives. Indran


realskullzero said...

Well Agreed...let us leave civilians out of this conflict...Let the international community be informed whats preventing them from going to the safety zone, let international community know why the 48 hour safe passage is not being utilized properly...let international community know taking civilians hostage in a bitter power struggle is an act of cowardice..

Anonymous said...

i'am also agreed civilians not need to war but how can identified original civilians from local terrorist,most local terrorist used civilians for hide-out there real conflict,now is the time to go divide trroris from civilians...

Indran Amirthanayagam said...

thanks for your comments. Let us treat civilians with dignity, not suspect them of being terrorists just because they are fleeing the conflict zone. There is a contradiction here. Yes, civilians are being advised to stay where they are--or forced to stay where they are-- and they don't trust what will happen to them when they leave. 48 hours should become an open-ended cease fire so that trust can be built up, so people can develop the confidence to go.

Pina said...


Te extrañamos a ti y a tus bellos poemas en español.

Saludos desde el bello Puerto.

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