Saturday, March 29, 2008


This Splintered Face will be on display April 16 at the downtown branch of the Vancouver Public Library at 350 Georgia in the Alma Van Dusen and Peter Kay Rooms. Come to hear the Canadian launch of this new book, starting at 7.30 pm that evening.


Elif said...

dear indran, congrats on your new book! please let me know when splintered face comes to the bay area - i will be there, bringing bananas. cheers, elif

Indran Amirthanayagam said...

I may order a supply in advance for all potential audience members for the as yet unscheduled readings in the Bay many bananas, let's see, 5 or 6 dreams begin responsibilites....cheers. Indran (we called them plaintains in the old country)

Jacqueline Romero Miranda said...

Good! many people knows your poems. Congratulations! well Indran I propose you a travel to this other size... I hope do you enjoy this.

...recently I was looking for a poet I meet him near that place many times before, I have not address, when I asked the people told me "...well if he will be a musician, a famous one, may be we knows him... but a poet" and I follow asking without lost the hope… even with my doubts… and finally I founded his house... was very interesting. Even here… the poets are known between that other people with so many others things to think about.
The final sentence could be ...the people is reached by the poetry anywhere.

Indran Amirthanayagam said...

Yes Jacqueline. For example if you want to find Nicanor Parra, all you do is write to him at Las Cruces, Chile. You don't need a postal code.

take care


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